30 ideed sotsiaalmeedia postitusteks detsembris 2021

The most challenging part about getting started with social media is to get started! To take some of the weight off your shoulders, we’ve put together this list of 30 different posts you can use for your business or personal brand in December. One or even more for each day. 

The exciting thing is that there’s an endless amount of ideas for you to use when posting on social media, but we’d like to stress that whatever you do, it has to serve your business goals and be relevant to your audience their interests. Please DO use this article to get some ideas and modify them to fit your business’s needs. Do NOT copy-paste them and then wonder why people aren’t engaged. 

DEC 1   Post a list of some (weird) holidays this month, such as Bathtub Party Day and Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Everyone knows about Christmas but did you know that December 8 is Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day?

DEC 2   Post a question about Christmas traditions. For example, how long do Christmas decorations stay up in your house, or what is the essential Christmas treat?

DEC 3   Post a fun meme about Friday #TGIF

DEC 4   Post a blog article that you’ve written for a lovely Sunday read when people have more time to focus on longer texts. 

DEC 5   Post a photo of your pet in a Santa hat or reindeer ears for #SundayFunday and #OfficePets

DEC 6   Post a photo for Walt Disney Day of your favorite Disney movie quote or clip. #WaltDisneyDay is celebrated on the first Monday of December.

DEC 7   Post a fun trivia about a famous Christmas song for #TuesdayTruths #ChristmasMusic or poll people if they’ve heard enough of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas already.

DEC 8   Post a collage of your favorite holiday gift ideas or gadgets, and make sure to include your business’s.

DEC 9 Post a vintage holiday photo with a fun caption for #TBT.

DEC 10 Post a photo of your pet or make a trip to your local shelter for International Animal Rights Day #InternationalAnimalRightsDay #AnimalRightsDay

DEC 11 Post your favorite phone apps for staying organized for #AppDay.

DEC 12 Ask your followers what their all-time favorite Christmas movie or quote is and share one related to your company. Home Alone, anyone? 

DEC 13 Post a customer feedback quote.

DEC 14 Post a photo of your decorated office space. 

DEC 15 Post an article about how your company is helping to make the world a better place.

DEC 16 Make a special Christmas offer for your product or service.

DEC 17 Post a photo of your team wearing “ugly” Christmas sweaters for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day #UglyChristmasSweaterDay or post three ugly Christmas sweaters and ask followers to vote for the ugliest.

DEC 18 Post a photo of a job successfully finished or a product delivered to a happy customer.

DEC 19 Post an inspirational quote.

DEC 20 Post an interesting article that is related to your field of work.

DEC 21 Post a photo of your company’s Christmas party.

DEC 22 Post a fun GIF about counting the hours for Christmas to finally arrive.

DEC 23 Wish your customers and fans a Merry Christmas #MerryChristmas

DEC 24 Post a photo of a unique Christmas light display in your town for #ChristmasEve. DEC 25 Take the day off and spend it with your Family 🙂 

DEC 26 Post a video of your product/service in a Christmas setting.

DEC 27 Post a list of your favorite 3 books of 2021 and ask followers if they agree. 

DEC 28 Post a list of your favorite 3 movies of 2021 and ask followers if they agree. 

DEC 29 Post a photo of dogs playing in snow #DogsinSnow #WeeklyFluff or make a snowman and decorate it with your company’s logo or product.

DEC 30 Post 3 New Year’s Resolutions that your company is giving

DEC 31 Post a photo spelling out “Thank you 2021” uniquely, such as written in the snow or on a blackboard. Even better if you include your team and product/service. 

That’s it, folks! Now all you have to do is start creating! Remember, no good comes from posting just for the sake of posting. 

You should:

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