Social Media Marketing


Do you even exist if you’re not on social media?


Social media marketing offers an invaluable opportunity to display your brand’s human side, communicate trust, and build a community of superfans of your brand. A well-managed social presence drives traffic to your website, increases sales, boosts your search engine rankings, and offers fast customer service.

We’ll regularly update your social media pages with value-offering posts, including news, events, contests/giveaways, and resources to keep your followers engaged. Together with you, we’ll create a social media marketing monthly editorial calendar with a strategically chosen focus to grow your business. We manage a variety of platforms for our clients, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Most of all, we’re in love with content creation, but we can also help with ads.

Tell us about your social media marketing goals and budget, we’ll produce the images and copy, and voila, you sit back in your lounge chair by the fireplace, sip champagne and watch your business grow.

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Our Pricing


starting from 500 Monthly + VAT
  • 6 posts per month or 1-2 per week/ 1 platform
  • Content creation mainly with client's video and image material
  • Creating a content plan and strategy
  • Responding to comments 1h
  • Consultation 1h
  • Monthly analysis of results


starting from 1000 Monthly + VAT
  • 12 posts per month or 3 per week (incl. 1 campaign) + 6 stories / 2 platforms
  • Content plan and strategy creation
  • Graphic design posts and videos
  • Replying to messages and comments 2h
  • Consultation 2h
  • Social media engagement 2h
  • Monthly results analysis


starting from 1500 Monthly + VAT
  • 16 posts per month (incl. digital ads) or 4 per week + 12 stories /3 platforms
  • Strategy and content plan
  • Graphic designs, UGC, original video and image content
  • Ad setup, copywriting/ marketing consultation 5h
  • Replying to messages and comments 4h
  • Social media engagement 4h
  • Monthly results analysis

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