Get Ready for Youtube Success: Must-Know 12-step Checklist

Originally launched on Valentine’s Day in 2005, Youtube has been operating for 18 years, and predictions state that it will continue to do so for the next ten years at least. There have been talks predicting that Youtube and Facebook will become obsolete by 2030. Yet, no other video-sharing platform like Vimeo or Dailymotion has come close to what Youtube has achieved.  In this post, we will share insights into being successful on Youtube and a checklist to help you set up your account for success!

Users could freely share, view, and upload videos when the platform first launched. This goal continues today, providing an open space for viewers and creators alike. But what started as a way to get their work out on the internet has become a true revenue-generating enterprise. Content creators can make money through ads that appear before and during videos or links featured within videos.

Similarly to many other social media platforms, Youtube has undergone a fair amount of modifications. For example, in 2009 Youtube added an automatic speech recognition service to the platform, and in 2011 they introduced the “Youtube Analytics” tool to content creators. In March 2013, Youtube reached 1 billion monthly unique monthly visitors. Many other milestones in Youtube’s past have transformed Youtube into the platform it is today.

Being successful on Youtube can entail many different factors. Your goal can be to reach a certain amount of subscribers to create a relationship with your audience, reach a certain amount of views on your content to raise your brand awareness, or generate income through offering ad space on your channel. One thing that combines all the various goals is having a structured profile. This is why we created a Youtube checklist for you to double-check if your channel is meeting its full potential. 

Youtube checklist:


  • Add your niche to your name, for example, Agency X – Video Production
  • Update your channel icon with your logo (at least 800 x 800 px) 
  • Create a Youtube banner (safe zone 1235 x 338px). Insert your social media, website, and other links in your banner 
  • Optimize your channel’s SEO (research your keywords!)
  • Set your channel keywords (channel tags)
  • Create your watermark
  • Set video description and tags template to get more subscribers
  • Write a quick description of your channel for the About page
  • Create Your channel trailer
  • Create a Thumbnail template that you can modify each time
  • Create a consistent posting schedule and stick to it!


Your audience is your foundation


Youtube is all about engagement between content creators and their audience. This is also why they have included functions like subscribing, bell notifications, commenting, and liking the platform. As a subscriber, you indicate that you are interested in the creator’s content, and you engage through watching, liking, or commenting on their videos. Your audience lays down the foundation for your channel to even exist. Due to their significant impact, listening to what they say is essential. After all, you are creating videos for them, and if you cannot fulfill their wishes, they will simply move on to the next creator. To keep your audience coming back, engage with them!

Let them share their thoughts on your video. Let them ask you questions in the commenting section for your Q&A video. Let them decide which video they would like to see next. By including a call to action in your videos, your subscribers will be incentivized to engage with your content.

“See you next Monday!”


A posting schedule is crucial in maintaining your subscribers’ trust and interest. Imagine your channel as a TV show. Typically TV shows leave their audience with a cliffhanger at the end of an episode, and in most cases, that same audience will be back in front of their TV screens next week to find out how the story continues. You could also apply this to your Youtube channel. With a structured posting schedule, you can announce exciting sneak peeks to your subscribers, drawing them back to your channel. If you need help creating a content schedule, our online shop has the Ultimate Social Media Marketing Planner For 2023

Having a set posting time also gives your subscribers something to look forward to. Your channel and content can become a part of their daily routine. For instance, if you post regularly every Sunday morning, you can engage with an audience that prefers to spend their weekends at home enjoying their morning coffee and pancakes alongside your videos (guilty!). And if there is a reason for irregular posting, let your subscribers know ahead of time so they won’t have to be disappointed.



Growing your audience on Youtube can take quite a lot of time in the beginning since you do not know your audience yet. One way to find an audience that would be interested in your content is by collaborating with other creators. When picking a creator to collaborate with, make sure that their field of interest is in line with what you offer since then you have a higher chance of charming their subscribers into your subscribers. Your collaborator is probably out searching for the same value, so take your time choosing the creators that can benefit your channel as well. 

If you have already uploaded a few collabs with different creators, you can analyze which collaborator your audience liked best or which creator most of your new subscribers came through. If there is a clear winner, you can suggest more collaborations with them or even create a series of videos you can offer your audiences.

By following these three tips consistently, your Youtube channel can truly blossom! It is time to offer new fresh content just in time for the upcoming seasin! And if you could use a little more guidance, please send us a message!


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