Ada Johanna 

Step into the aromatic world of Ada Johanna, a recently launched company that specializes in luxury perfume candles and reed diffusers. Led by two amazing sisters, Ada Johanna blends Estonian handicrafts with the world’s finest perfumes, created especially for them by the acclaimed “noses” of Grasse, France. They’re on a mission to bring some coziness and luxury to everyday life, constantly experimenting and creating new products to captivate the senses.


Our team had the honor of working with Ada Johanna before and during their company’s launch. We helped them create a marketing strategy and crafted visual and textual content for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. We also worked closely with Kuukukk Disain to develop their website. We helped write engaging texts, marketing slogans, and captivating blog posts that tell the brand’s story and immerse you into the fascinating world of perfumes. 

To help Ada Johanna showcase their products to a broader audience, we created stunning visuals and social media advertising campaigns that perfectly encapsulate their unique style. We set up search ads on Google, ensuring that they would always be at the top of their game (aka. the search results) when it came to attracting new customers. We are first in line to smell what these incredible women come up with next!

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